Creativity Hide contributions:



Swallows are as fast as they are kind.

                            Soloman Thorley

Water Voles


Lily Pads


Lake Shining

Insect Buzzing

Frog Leaping

Egret Flying



Peace and Solitude

Bird song in the air,

cool summer breeze on my face and hair.

The sound of my footsteps,

as I walk the sweet track way,

Content with my world,

in the silence of the day.

Bountiful nature all around,

Peace in my soul as I tread this ancient ground.


When frogs leap

Dragonflies fly

Lily pads float



The restless sedges sway and sigh,

Whispering as the swifts swoop by,

Dabbling ducks and a darting dragonfly,

Life and death plays out ‘neath the wide open sky.



Memory Hide observations and recollections:


I saw my first bittern seconds before my dad.

I was 5 he was 45.

                                           Samuel Bishop


Hi, I have had an amazing time. We have seen a lot of birds like marsh harrier, great white egret and lots more.


Beautiful sounds of the reeds in the wind.

                                           Mary Ann Wills


We had a lovely ride here along the tracks.

                                           Isabelle Wills, age 10


Striking streams of base-patterned water hit

The silent creak of wood.



I have seen lots of dragonflies and they were amazing. I nearly held one.

                                                                                        Polly Willoughby


Not so long ago, when a dry stone wall was being repaired near Charter House, on the Mendip, a glass bottle was found in the wall. It contained a message, a love message from a young woman. Research showed that the message dated to 1914. The woman and the young man to whom the message was addressed were in love. Their families would not agree to the relationship because the young man came from a working class family and the woman from a professional class family. The reason the note from the woman was still in the bottle was that he had gone off to the war and never returned to collect it and leave one for her.



Book recommendations from visitors:

'The Bond of Green Withy' by Berta Lawrence

-very evocative of the Somerset Levels



‘The Peace of Wild Things’ by Wendell Berry                                                               



'Wild Lone' by B.B.

– it vividly describes life from the foxes’ point of view. Each chapter starts with a short verse:- “Scene of the blooms on old poors’ gorse, A beaten fox, a sweaty horse.”



'Us' by David Nicholls

A tale of love, loss and healing. Be kind to your soul and read this.

                                                     Emma from Southend on Sea


Poetry of Mary Oliver: ‘How I go to the Woods’ and ‘Wild Geese’


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