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 Dr Anil Graves

Senior Lecturer
Cranfield Institute for Resilient Futures
Cranfield University

Anil is currently a Senior Lecturer at Cranfield University and researches biophysical, social, economic, and ecological aspects of land use systems nationally, in Europe and globally. He has worked on a range of research funded by national, EU, and global sponsors. His experience includes evaluating the impact of low external input technologies in tropical agricultural systems, farmer preferences for non-production farm assets and stakeholder analysis in relation to UK farmland bird populations and chalk grasslands, the role of monetary and non-monetary approaches to valuation of ecosystem services, and integrated biophysical and economic modelling of ecosystem services to evaluate the market and non-market costs associated with decision making on lowland peatlands, soil degradation in England and Wales, and management options within arable, livestock, agroforestry and forestry systems in the UK and Europe.