A first visit - there is always so much to take in. So many things to see, hear and smell, and so many questions.


It’s new territory for the first-time visitor. Literally, with so much ground to cover in a short period of time, it was amazing to be spared the time to be driven around by Danny, locally known as the park ranger.

We met with volunteers clearing the far away parts of the area, one of them has stories to tell of a time when there were still chimneys and cooling towers where now wildlife flourishes and dogwalkers enjoy the green.

We visited the research sites and saw the mosquito traps. Bright red and looking alien in the landscape; these traps are gathering mosquitos- attracted by the odour of propane and hoovered up into the trap where they dry out and die. Ready for dissection.

We visited areas well used by the public as well as conservation area out of public bounds. We were told about the species of bats, birds and fish recorded, many dependent on mosquitos as a food source.

We discovered that this wetland park was reclaimed. Formerly an industrial site and thirty years on, a thriving nature habitat. A huge green space in an urban landscape, not free from threat of development or funding cuts.

The value of this nature is a constant concern if it is to be sustained.